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Welcome Fanica S. Stamate, with his debut modern romance novel, 'Vaccine In Love'

We are delighted to announce Fanica S. Stamate, with his debut novel 'Vaccine In Love,' under Enigma Press - available for pre-order now!

Fanica S. Stamate presents this thought-provoking novel, following a young woman navigating her way through the pandemic, whilst on a pursuit for love. Alice Goldsworth works to overcome cultural differences and a struggle with mental health during a global lockdown, as she finds herself through her romantic endeavours.

Partnership Publishing caught up with Fanica to learn more about his debut novel, where he finds his inspiration, and what he gets up to when he's not writing.

Fanica can be found on Instagram, @stamatesebastian and Facebook, @Sebastian Stamate.

You can pre-order his book from our bookshop, on our website!

What inspired me to start writing?

I’ve had no inspiration to start writing, writing is something I’ve felt that I should be doing. In school my writing style has always been appreciated, my imagination knows no bounds and it all lead to me making time to start writing and pursuing this passion.

"Be relentless in the pursuit of writing... The end of the journey is euphoric indeed."

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out?

Be relentless in the pursuit of writing, it will be the most draining mental act you can engage in. When you write, you are a creator, you decide what happens, how it happens and when it happens. The end of the journey is euphoric indeed.

How do you handle writers block?

To avoid coming across a block I always take time away from the book and engage in daily life and not think about my story. Having a bountiful imagination is the best tool against any block. Do not be afraid to explore other routes throughout the story as you progress, they might change your story however the end will yield the same results as long as you keep track of your intended aim.

What is the most surprising thing that you discovered while writing your book(s)?

The most interesting thing I’ve discovered when writing is my ability to stay neutral towards any of the characters as the story unfolds naturally.

Where do I get my inspiration?

From my imagination and the world around. Best thing to do is let your mind run wild, just remember where you want to go and from where you started. Taking an occasional break also helps with giving me the strength to continue, even if the task at hand can seem tedious in its pursuit to reach completion.

Where can readers find out more about me and my books?

Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel, TikTok. I plan to have weekly and monthly podcasts in order to answer questions from my readers.

Character that holds a special place in my heart?

It would definitely be Silviu (Silver) as he is portrayed as the type of guy whom gets things done, words are of little value to him as his actions speak for themselves. His demeanour is that of a man whom can either comfort you or frighten you. His ability to protect Alice, comfort her and overall fall for her is his mission as he recognizes Alice to be his equal and won’t let anyone stand in his way. Silviu is the type of guy I believe is strong enough to support Alice and vice versa.

What was the inspiration for the story?

Inspiration arrived from current events and how they impacted the population. How would the pursuit of love and relationships be impacted before, during and after the pandemic. The adversities a young woman would face in her life as she is faced with betrayal, disappointment, depression, never giving up in order to achieve happiness.


"The pursuit of happiness is universal and can only be achieved by circumventing hard decisions through life lessons, and only then it is achieved by being relentless in ones pursuit."


What is the key theme and / or message in the book?

Life has ups and downs, a continuous wave of highs and lows. The pursuit of happiness is universal and can only be achieved by circumventing hard decisions through life lessons, and only then it is achieved by being relentless in ones pursuit. As Alice suffers greatly through betrayal, disappointments and depression, only then she reinforces her belief to never give up as she makes a pact with her best friend Cristina to never give up and as such she is rewarded by meeting Silviu. Even as they grow closer together, there is no promise that her happiness will last.

Who is my favourite author and why?

Jordan B. Peterson is my favourite author, a clinical psychologist born in Canada. As a clinical psychologist Jordan B. Paterson is ahead of his time and this is something I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to be able to learn from and or engage with an individual whom is enlightened.

What I am reading now?

'12 Rules for Life' by Jordan B. Peterson.

Favourite Quote?

"Do not be afraid to fail, failure is the path to success." - Fanica Sebastian Stamate

Favourite artist and favourite song?

Eminem is my favourite artist, I appreciate most of his songs I do not hold a favourite. If I had to choose a song right now, it would be: Till I Collapse.

What is the best part of the day?

The best part of the day is when I am able to write.

What do I like to do when I am not writing?

Besides work and writing I try to engage with my family as much as possible and do things together as often as possible.


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