Introducing Z.R.Polgrean, our new Debut Author under Magic Mouse Books!

We are excited to announce the forthcoming title 'Betsy - The Most Famous Cow In Cornwall' by Z.R.Polgrean! This hilarious children's story follows farmer Bob Sylvester, his field of animals, and Betsy the cow as she becomes the most famous cow in Cornwall. If you are looking for a giggle, this is the book for you! Look out for 'Betsy - The Most Famous Cow In Cornwall,' coming soon!

Continuing reading to find out Polgrean's favourite books, Authors, and celebrities, and how all of these have influenced her characters and story:

Illustrated by the brilliant Happydesigner.

Z.R.Polgrean can be found on Instagram at @anicecuppa_zo



What inspired me to start writing?

I grew up in Ivinghoe Buckinghamshire which always reminded me of Belle’s village in Beauty and the Beast, it also oozes in history and for me looking back now it was full of the most perfect ingredients for a future story teller; adventure, romance and enchantment especially with its cornfields, rolling hills and forests in the background. I also personally wanted to bring a little sweetness back to the world with my children’s stories!

How much research did I need for my book?

Betsy the most famous cow in Cornwall didn’t need research as she was already floating around my head with childhood memories playing on farms. I knew Belted Galloway's are the cutest cows out there. Royal Cornwall is on my doorstep and I was brought up watching all the classic comedies to add the most important part of what Betsy is about and that is humour.

If I could meet one of my characters what would I say to them ?

It’s kind of emotional as the main character is based on a real person, though he wasn’t a famer, Bob Sylvester was in the navy and he was my dad’s distant cousin but I always considered him of more an uncle - he was probably the nicest, funniest man I ever met and because of his great Cornish presen

ce I always thought he could have been an actor playing Robert Shaw's iconic part Quint in Jaws or a pirate or something. I’m glad I can keep his memory alive in my books and I’d just say “Bob I hope I did you proud?”

What’s my writing process like ?

Once I get a character.. like for instance, I may think of a wombat and then it swims around in my mind until it’s moulding with a good story, then it’s show time! It could be instantaneously written or it could take a day or week, month but eventually that wombat's coming to life lol!

I have actually written it by the way!

What do I need in my writing space to help stay focused?

I live in a house with four children, two dogs, a cat, and a hamster so I can pretty much write whenever it decides to come lol!

If I could spend the day with another popular author who would it be ?

I’ve been trying to write a fantasy book for five years - I’d love to meet George R Martin.

If my book was made into a movie which actor would play my characters?

100 percent Peter Mullan would play Bob, he’s got that great voice and raggedy face which the real Bob had in droves.

What are my favourite blogs or websites?

I just Google if I want to read about certain writers but I particularly like to read about different poets. I belong to the Poetry Society. I also love looking at art especially fantasy art. I don’t really go on any other social media sites, it’s just not my vibe especially when I see how it effects people’s mental health - it’s pretty terrible. I say switch it off & get creative instead, it’s much more freeing for the soul and it’s troll free, (unless you want to write about one which I have actually and hopefully I will bring this much needed story for children to the bookshelves one day!)

What do you do to get inside your characters head?

It’s all about the love for me so I get in the heart of the character and build outwards.

What books do I enjoy reading?

Having children I've always enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson to them. Myself personally I enjoy reading old school poetry.

Are there any books or authors that inspired me to become a writer ?

As much as I loved C.S Lewis, Lewis Carroll, J.M Barrie & Roald Dahl growing up, it was Probably Jane Austen’s romantic novels that got my writing senses really twitching.

How long have I been writing ?

I enjoyed writing stories and the odd school play as a child but I didn’t really attempt to really try and write something worthy of possible publication till I was going through an unpleasant divorce. It was writing that actually helped me cope with it. My story was a period drama, but it kind of hit the back burner when I was burgled and they stole my iPad with my story on.

I never really could write it the way I did the first time, so I just decided not to go anywhere with it. I then started writing poetry on Instagram when I moved to Cornwall for a little while and kept toying with big epic stories behind the scenes until I decided to try writing children’s stories during lockdown.

What advice would I give a new writer?

Just keep it up even if it’s not working. It will come when it’s ready; But don’t be afraid to try different styles of writing. I never thought to try poetry for years then stubbled upon it and I believe it prepared me for writing my short children’s stories.

Where do I draw my inspiration from ?

Largely my children, especially the humour. I also write a lot about the importance of morals in my stories, most of which I have to thank my parents for teaching me. When I started writing poetry I also got a lot of inspiration looking at art to really tap into emotion, then as time progressed I didn’t need so much to look at art, I just learnt to really feel the world around me which helped me on a deeper level to express myself much better when writing.

What book is currently on my bedside table ?

I normally keep my mums Bible she gave me by my bed. I also have a picture of Robert Burns with a part of ‘A Red Rose’ poem on underneath his portrait lol - I am indeed a lover of cheesy romance!

What book could I read over and over again?

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

What’s my favourite book and author ?

It’s hard to say what my favourite book and writer is? I’m Pretty much old school again when it comes to most authors. Loved J.M Barrie, C.S Lewis as a child, Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Hemingway. But I suppose because of the romantic in me it has to be Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice. My Favourite Children’s book is Alice in Wonderland!

If I could meet someone dead or alive who would it be?

Meeting someone oh my gosh, so hard to think... so many amazing people. I could think of Tom Hiddleston if I was just being blown away with my daft romantic brain but seriously thinking about it, it most certainly would have to be the Queen! She’s just remarkable.

What is the best part of my day?

I think mornings are so important! One thing I try to teach my sometimes grumpy children; ‘If first you smile to greet the day, more often than not you will take it with you throughout the day.’

One thing someone doesn’t know about me ?

Semper te ipsum fide. Verba volant, scripta manent.

Describe myself in one sentence ?

I am honest! What you see is what you get, there’s no ghosts attached that’s for sure.

If I could change one thing about the world what would it be ?

The world needs to love more - there’s so many angry people out there these days, it’s sad, if people sort to firstly find peace and love in themselves then people would certainly be a lot happier and in turn nicer to others.

Best advice I’ve ever been given?

It’s a difficult one? I have fond memories of my mum singing Doris Day to me as a child ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and it is something I’ve passed on down to my children. That and telling them to seek always what makes them happy.

Favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

I try and train once or twice a day shadowboxing, weights, stretches, meditation, Tai Chi. I think it’s important in the rush of life to just switch off and balance yourself out. It’s amazing how much better you feel after and how much more you can handle under stressful situations if we just take the time to chill.

What’s my Guilty Pleasure?

Guilty pleasure probably my glass of red wine... I drink whilst cooking dinner.

Am I morning person or night owl?

I think I’ve answered that one in an earlier question. I’m certainly not a night owl - I like to go to bed early or I feel like a cross between Aggy the Witch and a Zombie in the morning!

What did I want to be as a child?

An actress. I was always a big movie fan but I unfortunately went through a very shy stage as a teenager so that squished that dream, much to my amazing drama teacher's disappointment. She was always telling me “Go to Rada Zowie.” I can still picture her pretty sincere face now but I couldn’t see how I’d have survived with my shyness so I chose something else to do. Me Now though.. we’ll I think I really don’t have time to be shy!

Do I have a hidden talent ?

I've virtually painted my whole house during lockdown, so painting! Which I find really therapeutic, that and singing whilst I paint, particularly to old classics like Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, John Denver, you name that old song I’ve probably sung it.

If I could choose a super power what would it be?

My super power would probably to put my head on a blank piece of paper and get the blasted fantasy book I’ve been trying to write perfectly out onto it! But if not I’d have Wonder Woman powers for sure! I could use that rope of trust thing she uses, it would definitely come in handy when looking for a potential boyfriend lol!


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