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We always get excited when we receive a new submission. For us it is an opportunity to help and serve another deserving writer for recognition of their hard work.


We have four imprints for our submissions:


Memoirs - Non-Fiction - Poetry - Workbooks - Reference Books



Adult Fiction - Romance - War - Crime - Whistle Blowers



Health & Well-being - Personal Development - Spiritual & Religious



  • Children's Picture Books - Children's Chapter Books

  • Middle-grade fiction,

  • Young adult fiction.


Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

If your book is connected to a product or merchandise, we can advise you how to register your I.P. saving you £1,000's.



When submitting, please include the following:

  • A little bit about yourself and any time-lines you have in mind. Also a little bit about your writing journey and any previous publishing experience you may have.

  • A covering letter giving us an overall picture of what you want to achieve

  • The first three chapters (or approximately 5,000 words) of your manuscript (or the full picture book manuscript, and a one-page synopsis

Upon us receiving your submission we will send you an email in acknowledgement and endeavour to reply fully within 7 – 10 days.


Your covering letter should tell us your motivation for writing your story and why you feel passionate about it. Any titles you may have thought of that are either humorous, adventurous, thought-provoking etc.

Some of our authors have more than one story in mind to publish, therefore it would be helpful for us if you could let us know then we can help with creating a ‘Brand’ awareness for your work if it becomes a series.

Although we do not promise to accept every submission sent to us, we will do our best to advise you if your story needs further attention etc. If we can help in any way, we will.


We make our decision to work with you based on a number of key fields:

Story Character

Writing ability





Your synopsis should be approximately 400–500 words, and is to provide us with a short summary that will make us want to find out more. This should  tell us briefly how the story unfolds, how your characters develop and how the story reaches its resolution. The best way to make this flow is to imagine you are telling this to a friend. From experience we have learned that if you find it difficult to break down your synopsis to around 300 – 500 words, you may have to tighten your manuscript before you submit it to us.

If your work is academical, please let us know if you require an Index etc.

To submit, e-mail or click on the link below.

Working on Rooftop


Once your submission has been read and accepted by us, we will begin the publishing process by asking you to sign a Consent Form to give us the permission to read your full manuscript knowing it is in safe hands and your copyright is protected.




For me, it was a blessing in disguise, when I had a misunderstanding with my previous publishers.


Because this event lead me straight into the arms of PP.

I am pretty certain this wasn’t a coincidence. And that it was meant to be!!

PP were the absolute right choice for me to publish my first book.

The ethos, philosophy and way of working guided me through and encouraged me all the way.

Super grateful to PP, and always willl be...


We want to express our gratitude for choosing Partnership Publishing as your trusted publisher. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on your book and are confident that it will be a great success. Our team of professionals is committed to helping you achieve your publishing goals and we look forward to working with you again.

New Books
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