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Published by Magic Mouse Books an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 


Illustration and book design by Happydesigner


A high quality Paperback with internal illustrations, 240 x 240mm

Grandad and Billy Go Fishing

  • “ Please can you take me fishing Grandad?
    I promise I’ll be good…”

    Billy loves listening to his Grandad’s fishing stories and is desperate to go fishing himself! Eager to share his passion, Grandad would love to take Billy with him, but is worried he may lose interest and disturb other people at the lake.

    Will Grandad make Billy his new fishing buddy?
    How will Billy behave on the bank?
    Will they catch any fish?



  • Ever since Hannah was a toddler, she loved books. She has very fond memories of listening to her parents read to her. Her Mum had a real talent for making stories come to life and her dad would often make up his own stories, which was always fun and exciting. These early memories have made her realize how important stories are for children. She hopes to be able to help young children have similar memories by enjoying stories with those close to them. This motivated her to write the children’s story, ‘Grandad and Billy Go Fishing.’

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