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'Grippo the Hippo' written by James Lettice with illustrations by Katie Clark.


Published by Magic Mouse Books an imprint of Partnership Publishing.


Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 

A high quality Paperback, B-Format, Full Colour

'Grippo the Hippo' by James Lettice

  • Queenie the croc was looking quite glum.

    Grippo the Hippo said, "Come join in with the fun!"

    Grippo and Queenie started to dance,

    Then the lions arrived with a roar and a glance.

    All the animals began to worry,

    Will the king of the jungle make them them leave in a hurry?

    Join Gripo the Hippo and his jungle friends as he tip-taps his feet to the beat!

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