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Published by Lotus Books an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 


A high quality Paperback, Demy

Healing Truths - Kefah Bates

  • Follow a healer’s revealing and inspirational journey towards liberation, self-empowerment, and completion.


    Kefah Bates devoted her life to uncovering the truth of how we transcend pain and find meaning within it. With a relentless passion she came to understand invaluable truths in the healing process and its importance to developing the higher potential.


    From many years of practice and research in healing others, her insights are a powerful reminder of the highs and lows to empowering oneself through pain.  She reveals the soul’s natural longing to free the limited self and encourages you towards liberating every aspect of yourself that remain closed, trapped, or feared.


    Personal accounts of her healing journey intimately illustrate how these landmark teachings ultimately transformed the way she experienced her reality.  Her story is a testament to how placing complete trust in the sensitivity of one’s self leads to grace, hope, and love. 

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