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Another great story from Lorraine Buxton that truly tugs on the reader’s heartstring. Lorraine has really emulated the importance of sisterhood and familial support with cases of violence within the home and demonstrates how special the solidarity of women is.


'I struggled with my bags and suitcase. I regretted momentarily, the selling of my car - as no help was offered from the taxi driver. Nevertheless, I finally found myself outside the ‘Mayfield Book Corner.’  


The shop was perfect for my sister. I’m sure she still believed in fairy tales and that was great for her, but I definitely didn’t have my head in the clouds any longer. Life has a way of bringing you back down to earth.


I rang the doorbell and waited for Crystal to appear. How was I going to explain this impromptu visit? I had no idea, but I was looking forward to seeing the surprise on her face when she saw me. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear at the door, and I was instantly regretting just turning up out of the blue. Crystal was a creature of habit and didn’t go far, so I had assumed she would be home tonight. I decided it was easier to stay put and wait (however long that may be) looking at my bags I didn’t want to have to lug them anywhere else and sadly, I didn’t really have anywhere else to go'…


Imprint of Enigma Press a B-Format Novel with Matt Finish

Mayfield Book Corner By Lorraine Buxton

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