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Becky Dennison

Publishing with Daisa has made what seemed like the impossible, possible. Daisas friendly team  took me step by step on the publishing journey providing support advice and guidance all the way. Daisa allowed me to work at my own pace and no question was ever too silly or too small. Daisa took the mystery out of how to make a great idea into a great book. For anyone dreaming of publishing their own book I have one question, what are you waiting for?

Kate Brumby

I highly recommend Daisa Publishing. 
Daisa Publishing enabled me to publish my debut poetry collection In March 2019. Their eye for detail regarding type setting, layout, and cover design, have resulted in a professional hardback edition. Not only am I proud of the book published, I am proud to be a Daisa Author.
If you are looking for a Publisher with passion, drive, and integrity, as well as generosity of spirit then look no further.

Noel Hogan

My journey (which is far from over!) with the team at Daisa Publishing has been nothing short of exceptional. There are simply too many great aspects of their service to list. Daisa Publishing put all of their skill and focus into finding out your dreams and goals; getting to know ‘who you are.’ Then they make YOUR goal,

THEIR goal. 

So far, the results have far-far exceeded my expectations!

Michael Vallow

I liked the people at Daisa from first meeting them. At that time I was nervous about the process and what the result would be. I need not have been.


During the course of producing the book I learned to listen to them even if they were challenging some of my own thoughts. An example of this was Daisa's suggestion of "Guardians of the Railway" as a title when I had something else in my head. I gave it thought and decided it was absolutely right. I'm very glad I did. I am happy that what emerged with Daisa's input was my book in the best form it could be.


For that, thank you to everybody at Daisa. I have loved working with you on this and look forward to further projects.

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