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‘The Coconut Cup’ is a fabulous interactive children's book that can be used as a tool for nourishing and encouraging a child’s creativity and imagination.


It follows different desserts as they partake in a sports day full of different competitions then decide to work together to raise the Coconut Cup as a team. A fun and playful story that’s message demonstrates the importance of working together whilst celebrating our special abilities and diversities.


'On the night of a leap year strawberry moon, 

a magical kitchen pops up, 

where desserts are whisked and whizzed into shape,  

to compete for the Coconut Cup! 


'The Coconut Cup was designed long ago, 

to put all desserts to the test. 

Sweet treats must compete in a gala of games,  

to prove which pudding is best!' 

‘The Coconut Cup’ by Sam Hunter

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