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Published by Magic Mouse Books an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper.


Illustration and book design by Happydesigner.


A high quality Paperback, B-Format.

The Quest of the Hawk

  • “A long time ago in a far-off land

    Of forests, high mountains and streams,

    Of castles and kings, wise men and fools,

    Of magic and wonderful dreams.

    A young Princess lived, Liese by name,

    Her beauty was widely renowned,

    But she carried the burden of a spell,

    By it she would always be bound.”


    The Princess’ hawk travels far and wide, searching for a cure to reverse her spell. On his quest, the hawk meets the creatures of the world, and forages for flowers and plants by order of the Magician’s Rhyme. Will the hawk find what he needs in time to remove the burden of the curse? Or will the Princess be bound for life to the cruel magician…

  • "My inspiration is drawn from the natural world, its variety, its moods, mysteries and infinite beauty."

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