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Meet Maggy Roberts, Illustrator for 'The Coconut Cup'.

Maggy Roberts is a talented Artist and Illustrator. She's created illustrations for publishers including Ladybird, Hodder, Stoughton and Gomer and now Partnership Publishing. We're very excited to see her collaboration with our latest Author, Sam Hunter with 'The Coconut Cup'.

Here's a little Q&A to get to know her more.

Can you tell us about your design process?

I draw constantly, every day both for illustrations and for my own pleasure, I also love to paint and draw outdoors and love the landscape. I attend a life drawing session each week too. This sort of observation of the worlds around is the basis for all the design work that I do. For this project, I need to explore the world of cakes, not a hard task! I sketched out a wide variety of cakes and puds and developed them into characters. I will admit to tasting a few of my research subjects!

Who or what has been your favourite character to draw?

My dog Jumbul who is unfortunately not with us any longer was a favourite to draw. He appeared in various guises in books that I have illustrated and was the main character in a Welsh language alphabet book, Dewin the Dog (Dewin y ci) which went to the top of the Welsh children’s book list!

Favourite thing about this project

I love the verses that make up this tale and especially the way it shows how working together is the best solution to so many projects.

What other Artists or Illustrators inspire your work?

I love the work of Victor Ambrus, probably best known as the artist who featured on Time Team. He also illustrated many children’s books, including my favourite - “Hot water for Boris” (not that Boris!) The line work in his illustrations is so lively, adding energy and action to the narratives.

What’s your favourite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

I love Wales but it is so hard to choose just one place - if I have to it must be Gower and especially Three Cliffs Bay. I used to live near there and spent many happy days in and around that area.

You can find out more and see examples of Maggys' work here:

Or follow Maggy on Instagram here: @thepaintednet

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