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Passionate about sharing untold stories and demystifying the publishing process.

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Distance is no object

We enjoy meeting all of our potential authors in person, however we now have Authors as far away as Israel, Mauritius, Australia to name a few - sometimes distance can be a challenge, so we are always available to chat with you over Zoom or Skype.

We Provide

A flexible and personal approach to delivering industry-standard Author funded publishing services:

Book cover design





Marketing & PR

Bespoke Illustrations

Whatever your self-publishing needs, be it editing for your novel, branding to create a unique style instantly recognizable for your imprint, taking you seamlessly from manuscript to publication,

Partnership Publishing does it, delivering on budget and on time.


True self-publishing means creating a professional book that is designed to sell in a worldwide market,

with the author keeping 100% control over intellectual property and 100% royalties.

Every day is different at Partnership Publishing

Your International Publishers

You have probably spent weeks, months and even years planning and writing your book...

Now the realization that after numerous times of self-editing, refining and researching, 

the time has come for you to let go and publish your work. 

Where do you find the perfect fit and safe pair of hands that can take your project forward?

We understand how you feel and we take as much care of your work as you do.


We are a passionate team who strive to create the book you have always dreamed of.

We are OPEN for Submissions

We would love to hear from you if you have written a book or are in the process of writing...



For any enquiries or submissions, please email hello@partnershippublishing.co.uk with a synopsis of your title (no more than one side of A4) a parapgraph about your publishing goals/yourself and a contact number.