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Editing & Proofreading


We go through your manuscript and correct any grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. Check for consistency, dialogue and format page numbers ready for print.


You have done the hard part of writing your book, and sometimes you can get lost in the words, a good editor and proof reader will spot where your text can be refined, so your work may go through several rounds of editing and proofreading, culminating in a book where your voice is retained and one that you can be proud of. Every published book needs to have several rounds of editing and proofreading to improve and refine the text. We carry out any changes so you can see and approve, reject, or query each one.


If you need a more in-depth edit for your book, we also offer a full consultancy service, advising on plot/story, structure, length and sentence construction. We never underestimate the value a good editor can make to the success of a book.

Ready to start your publishing journey? Talk to a member of our team today...

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