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Book Publishing


We pride ourselves on our professional publishing service, unique holistic and sustainable business model, and our passion for sharing untold stories and demystifying the publishing process.


To publish your book the way YOU want it published!

To produce high-quality and sustainable books.

To ensure you keep 100% copyright and worldwide rights.

We do not accept all submissions. As a team we must be passionate about a title and have that ‘goosebump’ moment. Entering a Publishing Partnership with an Author is a responsibility we understand, being Authors ourselves. Our partnership publishing business model is built over 19 years of experience knowing and feeling what we would have appreciated as support when embarking upon the publishing journey ourselves. We only accept submissions where we feel there is viability of a project for you to receive a return on your investment.

For a more in-depth look at what is involved in our Publishing Process, download our free helpful guide that takes you through our journey step-by-step.

Submission ready? We would love to read your manuscript, offer a complimentary 1-1 initial call and help support you on your book publishing journey.

Ready to start your publishing journey? Talk to a member of our team today...

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