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Daisa Original Designs Ltd, was the company formed in 2003 and from which Partnership Publishing was created. Our mission now is to be as helpful as we can and demystify the publishing process so that you can achieve your dream of becoming a published author.


We accept submissions of work from anyone who has created a well-crafted piece of writing whether that be Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s Book, Poetry, Autobiography, Novel etc. We get excited whenever a new writer contacts us with their work. We really appreciate that it has probably been several years in the making, and need you to know that you are in safe hands with Partnership Publishing.


We will edit, format, design your book cover and distribute your book to market through Amazon, Waterstones etc. We understand the publishing process may be new to you, and our team are here to mindfully guide you through each step of the journey.

  • We will provide an ISBN number and AI sheet for Nielsens

  • We offer a consultative approach to guide you through the book publishing process in a personal and professional manner.

  • We offer an ‘easy-payment’ plan for your book to be published.

  • You will have personal contact with the project manager for your work.​


Design & Layout

A professionally designed layout is paramount to making your book a success. Choosing the correct font, size of font and title all go into making your work exciting to read.


Editing without losing the Author’s ‘voice’ is a priority, therefore we take great care when editing and formatting your work.

Bespoke Book Cover Design

Our creative illustrators customize a book cover that you can be proud of and that also meets various distribution requirements.


From our author page to Podcasts we can create a foundation for your marketing and social media journey that suits your needs.


We believe in providing excellent customer service and ensure clients of our personal attention at all times. We are proud that a large percentage of our existing clients reach us through recommendations, and return to publish their 2nd - 3rd and even 4th books with us.

Working Together



As International Publishers distance isn’t a problem. During the Lockdown period, we learned very quickly to adapt and change our strategy, so we are ‘seasoned’ virtual creatives who can work with you in this manner.


We are proud of our Brand Values which are:

  • People matter

  • Every story has a message

  • Honesty is the best policy ​

  • We each create our own reality​

  • We all have a purpose to our life​

  • We follow a Lunar calendar, this means we are always working with the natural flow of energy available to all, making our process seamless.

  • We retain the authors voice throughout their work

Climate Protest



As part of becoming an Author or working with Partnership Publishing, you are supporting worldwide climate projects and dedicated reforestation projects in the UK with Ecologi.


We make sustainable, ethical and holistic business choices everyday by understanding and knowing where our FSC accredited paper is sourced, and choosing a printing process that is structured for sustainability, reducing carbon footprint and using vegetable ink.

As sustainable publishers, we are committed to being a low carbon business. Our environmental policy and core values reflect our mission to work in balance with nature.


Partnering with Ecologi allows us to track and offset our carbon emissions, enabling us to be a Climate Positive Workforce and achieve our sustainability goals.

Our priority is to use British companies as a priority where possible. It is uplifting to know that we are doing our part for the planet and 'walking our talk' for not only us but for future generations.

Knowing all of this, when you Partner with Partnership Publishing, you also retain 100% copyright of your work and royalties!

Please see our Ecologi profile here to track our low carbon business progress:

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