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'Eddie Hall: More Lives Than a Cat' written by Eddie & Valerie Hall.


Published by Daisa Publishing an imprint of Partnership Publishing.


Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 

A high quality Paperback, BFormat, Mono

'Eddie Hall: More Lives Than A Cat' Eddie & Valerie Hall

  • ‘Like I keep telling doctors… I refuse to die.’

    Nobody could have told Eddie’s life story quite like Eddie did. These pages hold the life of a man who loved deeply and honestly, from start to finish.

    Born in Grimsby during WW2 ‘Eddie’ Hall grabbed life with both hands. He was never afraid of hard work or too scared to take a risk. He took the opportunities given to him and built himself a life to be proud of.  He had his fair share of struggles but through it all he remained a profoundly devoted family man, with a big heart, and a bit of magic up his sleeve...

    This is his story.

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