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'In the Cover of Darkness' written by Graham Day.

Published by Daisa Publishing an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 

A high quality Paperback, with full colour images throughout.

'In the Cover of Darkness' by Graham Day


    In a few months’ time Graham (Pop’s), will face the graphic reality of Bomber Command aircrew missions, by entering in a world of late evening night fall murk, gloom and the inevitable cover of darkness, that conceals the ever-present dangers of uncertainty.

    Failure has only one inevitable outcome. “Are you prepared to die and meet your maker?’” were the opening lines from an instructor.

    For Graham and every other serviceman came the hidden from view emotions of missed loved ones and home comforts. During these dark and scary times, Pop’s met his light at the end of the tunnel – Marjorie! Making the most of daily hardships and wartime restrictions was the key to success in life. Their main goal was always to look forward to the upcoming meeting, which served as their bright hope.

    Just a few weeks before the seasonal Christmas thanksgivings, on Wednesday 8th December 1943, Graham K Logan 1823525 proudly achieved his ambition of becoming a fully qualified Royal Air Force, Bomber Command Air Gunner.


    Pop’s phrase for a night-time bombing mission, ‘In the cover of darkness’ perfectly captures the concealment of a Bomber Command Flight Crew's obligations, existence, and survival chances for a bombing raid assignment.

    As a promise to his father (Pop), Graham knew he needed to write about the memories and times of his Father’s Bomber Command Squadron to ensure the remembrance of what he, and every other Bomber Command aircrew member did is NEVER forgotten. The thought of failing and letting his remembrance down became the personal driving force to bringing these memories alive in this book, IN THE COVER OF DARKNESS.

    This has been the hardest personal challenge I have ever taken on, but one that has been the most rewarding, to ensure justice for ‘Pop’s,’ which he fully deserves.

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