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Published by Daisa Publishing and Imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 


A high quality Gloss Paperback, Royal. 

Making Babies: The Holistic IVF Diet Guide - Jenny Blondel

  • You want to fall pregnant. You want a baby. You want a healthy baby. You are desperate for IVF to be successful.

    IVF is a huge emotional and financial investment. To have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you and your partner need to go into your forthcoming cycle in the best health possible.

    The ‘Making Babies’ The Holistic IVF Diet Guide provides expert naturopathic advice and information on how you can improve your chances of IVF success and to have a healthy baby. It draws on my 20 years of clinical experience treating the fertility issues of women and men, and my own experience of IVF.

    This is not just for people going through IVF, it is a must-have resource for any couple experiencing infertility problems. While there is much advice available from various sources, this book offers so much more – providing you the information you need to ensure you and your partner are as healthy as possible in the quest to have a happy, healthy baby.

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