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'Mayfield Eats & Treats' written by Lorraine Buxton.


Published by Enigma Press an imprint of Partnership Publishing.


Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 

A high quality Paperback, 

'Mayfield Eats & Treats' by Lorraine Buxton

  • 'It was only now that the past few months were catching up with her-the lies, the deceit, the pain, and the sorrow... You could only plaster over the cracks for so long...'

    Paula's home is Mayfield. She lives in a house she never dreamt she would own; with the man she fell in love with and married all those years ago. She had always dreamt of owning a cafe, where people could come along and meet family and friends, or sit quietly on their own, enjoying coffee and cake. Paula was so proud, she had achieved her dream, in the place she loves, with help from the people she loves. It may have taken years of hard work, while bringing up a family, but to Paula family is everything.

    She was living the dream, happy beyond belief, life was wonderful. Or so she thought... Will her beloved family and cafe be able to withstand the truth when secrets are revealed?


    With her third novel, Lorraine returns to Mayfield, inviting readers to once again journey through the streets and lives of this enchanting village. Her unique blend of storytelling and heartfelt emotion promises to captivate readers, exploring love, loss, and the power of redemption.

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