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Published by Daisa Publishing and Imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 


A high quality Gloss Paperback, Demy with a purpose made soundtrack included.

Natural Mystic - Nicola Richardson

  • Natural Mystic, Down to Earth & Spiritual is a journey of self discovery. An honest and powerful story entwined with supportive and insightful, spiritual guidance, paving the way for modern mystics. Nicola Richardson has always walked to her own beat, music has always been significant and from a young age she has always been guided by spirit. For Nicola is was normal to spend time in Spiritualist churches, being brought up by a spiritualist Mother and an open minded Father. In this book we follow Nicola on her path of mass personal development, where she shares her wisdom, guidance, and very real, 'down to earth' experiences of living in a modern world; supporting others to do the same. A path that has been tested and ridiculously hard at times - certainly not glittered with gold.

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