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'Thanks for the Invite, Your Majesty' by Kerry Copley.


Published by Magic Moon Publishing an imprint of Partnership Publishing.


Printed in the UK using ethically sourced materials and FSC accredited paper. 

A high quality Paperback, 228mm x 228mm, Full Colour

'Thanks for the Invite, Your Majesty' by Kerry Copley

  • Millions watched as the Queen of England was laid to rest on the 19th of September 2022. A small guest was spied in amongst the floral tribute. Was it Mani???

    This is a story of hopes, dreams and manifestation. How a spindly spider named Mani never gave up on his dreams to see the world and be loved. How he used friendship, belief and positive self talk to take him from his dark drainpipe home to being a guest at her Majesty's funeral.


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