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William Adams

Author, Singer & Songwriter

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Will Adams is a singer/songwriter and lives in Weymouth in the County of Dorset.

He has written several collections of English folk songs, and this is the second of his songs that are also children’s books. The first being The Cold North Wind.

“Thank you for reading my story about this sleepy Bear, I wrote The Sleepy Bear of Leafy Wood on a dark, cold, wet Sunday, December 2022. It made me smile and helped to cheer up a tearful little boy inside myself.”

The Sleepy Bear of Leafy Wood 210mm x 264mm - FRONT BOOK COVER.jpg



This dreamy, sing-along tale, is about a Sleepy Bear who after enjoying a wonderful summer eating berries and humming his summer song, snuggles up in a moss filled warm hollow log to go to sleep... But he can't!

Bear is still humming his summer song, so unable to sleep he gets up and walks around the now cold and silent icy wood... Until he hears his winter's song.

Join the Sleepy Bear on his walk around Leafy Wood and see if he can finally get to sleep...

Further books & songs coming soon from the 'Leafy Wood' collection.

Magic Mouse Books

RRP: £7.99  |  ISBN: 978-1-915200-50-1

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