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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

What a milestone and what a transformative and inspirational journey it has been.

In April 2003 I created a teddy bear mainly to use as a Therapy Bear within a cancer support centre and as a surrogate for Reiki 11 students. This first bear was soon followed by a much smaller character bear named DODL, these being the letters from my company name Daisa Original Designs Limited, but this quickly became an acronym for his name – Doing Ordinary Deeds Lovingly.

Dodl was handcrafted by Merrythought Limited the oldest soft toy manufacturer in the UK. and this Limited Edition is now loved by children all over the world.

In 2007 I spent the following three years living within the Findhorn Community in North East Scotland where I was inspired to create a magical children’s world and on my return to Lincolnshire I wrote a series of children’s books centred around Dodl Bear and his adventures.

After this introduction into the publishing world and learning a new craft I was joined in 2012 by Florence Jade Hannath. Florence is now a Director of the company. We also have amazing associates who provide us with beautiful Illustrations. Drawing from our own experience we can also offer Branding advice, Intellectual Property advice and Mentoring.

The company has blossomed over the years and we now have over 60 titles and authors who have become part of our publishing family. From very humble beginnings we can truly say that we have all followed our passion for writing and books, and are living a purpose to provide a platform for other writers and authors to fulfil their purpose too.

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