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What makes your book stand out and why is it different to every other book being published today?

The answer is - YOU!

Book marketing has changed significantly over this last year and video content such as YouTube, Instagram reels and TikTok (booktok) has taken off! As the Author of your book, have the confidence to share your 'Why'...

Have a conversation with your audience... Share: Why you had the passion to write your book... Why you had the dedication and commitment to write your book... Why you felt the need to publish your book and share your book with the world...

For all of these reasons and more - this is what makes your book and publishing journey unique. Your 'Why' is what makes your book stand out from all the rest on the bookshelf.

It isn't so much about where you choose to focus your marketing, whether that be on Facebook, Twitter or Tiktok. Each platform serves a difference purpose for different markets, however it is what you say and why...

Sharing engaging content with your viewers and followers is what will allow them to interact with you. Finding your 'why' is sharing about who you are, as the voice behind your book.

This can be a mixture of short, quick videos that act as great content for Instagram reels or TikTok. Sometimes, YouTube is great for a 3-5 minute video where you may read an extract of your book or address an issue within your book. These can be filmed from a tripod or you can simply record a 'selfie' video with your phone - the beauty of video content is that it is engaging and you can record in the comfort of your own home.

Utilise the following platforms:

  • Instagram (can upload pre-recorded videos, Instgram reels and Instagram Live - shorter content)

  • Facebook (can uploaded pre-recorded videos and Facebook Live - shorter content)

  • TikTok (all video content)

  • YouTube (pre-recorded content, often better for 3+ minutes)

Themes for a video:

  • Talk about your passion, inspiration for the book, the purpose...

  • Why you felt the need to share your book with the world?

  • Address an issue within your book to talk about, or a particular character, scene...

  • Share your Author journey and inspire others.

  • Talk about you!

Enjoy the process, learn something new, step out of your comfort zone and create great video content to share your book with the world.

REMEMBER: For YouTube film your videos LANDSCAPE!

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