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Insights from our Workshop: Routes to Publication

Once you've written your book or story - what next?

Many writers struggle to navigate the publishing process when their manuscripts are finished, unsure what route to take. That's why we held a workshop recently to unpack these often murky waters.

Led by our Director, Florence Hannath, she began the session by getting to know the attendees' writing journeys: whether they had years of writing experience or had just started out, if they focused on a single genre or juggled multiple. With this information, Florence launched into a really valuable workshop that offered insights to cover everyone’s needs.

Exploring publishing paths

The workshop explained the various routes to publication, including Traditional, Self, Independent, and Hybrid publishing. Florence shared the pros and cons of each path, empowering the attendees to make informed decisions. 

Manuscript to print

Delving into the specifics, Florence also shared valuable insight on getting your manuscript submission ready: the editing and proofreading process, book cover design, formatting and typesetting ready for submission to the printers.

Practical tips for success

With a wealth of experience and knowledge of the publishing industry, Florence provided the attendees with some takeaway tips for success including:

  • How to retain 100% copyright and worldwide rights

  • How to manage expectations about sales

  • How to ensure as an author your writing is desirable to build a readership and following

  • How to achieve smooth worldwide distribution

Attendees left the workshop feeling empowered and equipped to navigate the publishing world with confidence, providing some great feedback:

'Thank you for this presentation - I have learned more in these two hours than I did over three years at University.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed today's presentation. I found it interesting and with your insider knowledge you were able to answer all questions aimed at you.'

The workshop was held on Thursday 25th April 2024 at the Grimsbny Minster, as part of the ‘Untitled’ workshop series for writers, organised by Jo Smedley and funded by the North East Lincolnshire Arts Council.

We’d like to thank Jo Smedley at Red Herring Games for inviting us to be a part of the Untitled event. If you missed out, don't worry – keep an eye out for future events, or feel free to send us an email to discuss your publishing journey.

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