Meet Lorraine Buxton our Poet and (soon to be) Fiction Author

We were excited to catch up with Lorraine Buxton before the announcement and release of her highly-anticipated debut romance / fiction title - coming early 2022.

Lorraine became a published Poet in 2020 under our imprint Daisa Publishing with her poetry collection of hope & resilience: 'Tapestry of Life'. A true 'tapestry of life' exploring mental health, wellness and loss with the uplifting gifts of life such as nature, friendship and love. It is available to purchase from our online website , Waterstones and other online retailers (or order through your local indie bookshop).

Now, Lorraine has immersed herself creativly into the world of fiction and is looking forward to sharing her debut romance/fiction novel with the world.

"I love to write, I enjoy it, if I write something I like I have achieved something, that is my aim. If I write something that’s someone else reads and loves, that gives me purpose..."

Describe a typical writing day...

LB: I write most days, but there are some days when it’s planned and organised, others when I get an idea and have to write it down. After breakfast, and addressing any FB comments, I sit with pen and paper if I’m writing poetry, the laptop if it’s my books, and start to write. Sometimes I will write for hours, I break for lunch, then carry on. Other days I just write for a couple of hours. I try whenever I have some free time to read through what I’ve written make changes and edit. But there are always words and ideas in my head. I love writing anywhere, so I don’t have a particular place where I write, just as long as I’m comfortable, I’m usually surrounded by notebooks, books, paper and pens.

Where do you get your inspiration?

LB: I take inspiration from the things and people around me. One of my ideas came from something I read in the news. O